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Tenants leavingĀ  – helping us to return your advance rental payment

A clear & easy process to help us return your advance rental payment when you leave the property you have been renting

Once you have given us notice in writing & a date has been agreed to end your rental tenancy then a rental check out will be booked.

This will involve us inspecting the property against the amended inventory from the start of your rental tenancy. You are welcome to be at the check out as long as this is arranged with the office before the end of the tenancy.

The property you have been renting must be clean. This includes things not necessarily in your day to day domestic clean. To help you we have included below a list of simple things that do not cost anything to do yourself – but are chargeable if we have to do them.

  • Skirting boards
  • Doors & door frames
  • Pendant light shades
  • Inside kitchen cupboards & draws
  • Windows and their frames
  • Fridges & freezers should be defrosted, cleaned, switched off & left open
  • Cookers (oven, grill, hob, all shelving, grill pans etc.)
  • Extractor hoods cleaned & filters changed
  • Carpets, making sure to remove any stains
  • Curtains & net curtains should be cleaned
  • All contents must be as per the inventory
  • Any rubbish must be removed prior to leaving

Common issues that can arise after you have moved out of the property are listed below:

  • Mail should be redirected in good time. All other post will be returned to sender or destroyed
  • Utility accounts should be settled & closed down
  • Standing orders should be cancelled
  • A forwarding address must be supplied to the office as without it advance rental payments cannot be returned. We hope to return your advance rent, less any charges, as quickly as possible & within 7 days from the end of the rental tenancy

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